About us

About us

 About us:

DKAL VIETNAM INTELLECTUAL PROPERTY COMPANY LIMITED  (DKAL) is a boutique firm located in Hanoi, Vietnam and exclusively focuses on Intellectual Property (IP). The firm is highly adept at advising clients on a wide range of contentious and non-contentious issues related to patents, trademarks, designs, copyright, licensing, and other intellectual property, IP strategies and all intellectual property topics in a transactional environment. The co-operation both within and between DKAL’s highly motivated teams and passion for IP profession drive us to identify sustainable solutions for the clients every time.

The staff meticulously tracks new developments, both domestic and international, quickly complies with new regulations and legislation, and promptly adopts new practices.

 Our value:

IP is not just a job. It’s our passion.

And we do our passionate work at our best, by our legal knowledge, profession and skills. Our team formed around a mission to provide the Clients effective, simple and timely solutions and deliver the highest possible standard of quality and integrity of work.

 Our billing policy:

Transparency – Efficiency – No hidden cost. We offer the Clients the most competitive cost compared to those offered by other local firms without sacrifice in the quality of work. Our billing policy is that do not build any profit into expenses i.e. we charge clients exactly what it costs us for the expenses.

All terms and fees will be explained carefully and clearly on our very first consultation. Any change then any increase or additional cost will be discussed with you and obtain your approval before it is applied.