Guideline for copyright registration in Vietnam


Each creative work is a crystallization of mental labor, effort, creativeness and talent of author. Having copyright registration for author’s works reflects respect for such achievement and also provide the necessary protection for the work. Copyright registration is also a prerequisite for author and proprietor to exploit the economic value of the work as well as to protect the work from possible infringement from a third party.

Author / proprietor of author’s works, by himself or through an IP representative, apply for copyright registration at the Copyright Office of Vietnam (COV). A copyright registration application includes the following requirement:

  • An application form
  • 02 presentation of work
  • Author’s commitment
  • 02 certified copies of author’s passport / ID card
  • Power of Attorney (in case application is filed by IP representative)
  • Documents proving the ownership

Time frame: Within fifteen (15) working days from the date of receipt of application that meets all filing requirement, COV shall issue a certificate of registration of copyright.


Guideline for copyright registration in Vietnam