In order to improve knowledge of intellectual property for local officials, from 14 th to 17 th of August, 18 th, the National Office of Intellectual Property organized a training course on basic knowledge on IP for new staff of the Department of Science and Technology (DOST) and local officials. There were 60 participants from 27 provinces and cities nationwide, including 47 staff from DOSTs and 13 staff from Economic and Infrastructure Departments.

In 4 days, the trainees have been communicated by eight experienced lecturers from the NOIP to provide the most basic and basic knowledge about basic concepts and principles of the Department of Intellectual Property. intellectual property in general and the establishment of rights to industrial property objects in particular. Participants are fully and seriously involved, discussing practical issues in the management of intellectual property.

Speaking at the training course briefing, Mr. Dinh Huu Phi, Director of the Department of Intellectual Property, highly appreciated the active participation of the trainees, expressed their desire to pass on the knowledge they have learned, Can be used in daily work to implement well management of intellectual property in the locality.

At the end of the class, trainees were awarded certificates of completion of the training program.